Roof attic insulation, a wise investment

Entretoit cellulose soufflee

When we address the issue of insulation in houses, it is common to primarily focus on the exterior aspect of the roof. However, there is a crucial component inside our homes and buildings that plays a significant role: the attic. The insulation of the attic represents a smart investment and should be a major concern […]

Benefits and importance of the air exchanger

Echangeur dair

The air exchanger is an indispensable component of any residence, whether it’s a house or a condominium. It plays a vital role in enhancing indoor air quality by effectively managing humidity levels, eliminating unpleasant odors, and ensuring continuous air circulation. Furthermore, air exchangers facilitate energy recovery, leading to reduced energy consumption and a consistently comfortable […]

Duraclim wins the Consumer Choice Award for air conditioning and heating

Maxime et Jordan CdC

Selected by consumers, for consumers The Consumer Choice award competition highlights the best companies, chosen by consumers, in various sectors. Our victory in the “Air Conditioning and Heating” category is a source of pride for the entire Duraclim team, and we are grateful to our customers for their support and votes.   A mark of […]

Why clean your ventilation and air ducts?

Conduit de ventilation technicien David

Duct cleaning refers to the process of cleaning the various components of a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system, including ducts, registers, grilles, diffusers and other components. The objective of the duct cleaning service is to remove dust, debris and other contaminants accumulated in the system to improve indoor air quality and system performance. […]

Condominium: Cleaning Your Heat Pump System

Mont Royal Camion Duraclim

Your wall-mounted heat pump serves as both heating in the winter and air conditioning in the summer. It is at your service year-round, ensuring constant peace of mind, day after day. However, cleaning your heat pump is essential to ensure your comfort. To be as efficient as the first day it was installed, your condo […]

What is the cost for ventilation duct cleaning?

Residentiel conduit

Is duct cleaning a waste of money? How much does it cost to clean ventilation ducts? Is it really necessary? So many questions for a simple answer. The answer is no, you’re not throwing your money out the window when you decide to maintain your ventilation ducts. Who wants to have dirty ducts? On the […]

How do I clean a wall-mounted heat pump?


Some wall-mounted heat pump cleaning can be done by the average person. However, it is important to note that the services of specialized professionals will have to be called in, once a year, to ensure an in-depth maintenance of the system. During the cold season, a wall-mounted heating and air conditioner can be three times […]

The importance of air quality on human health

Allergies suite à des conduits d'air mal nettoyées

Air quality is of paramount importance. Often underestimated, poor air quality affects everyone, without warning, without mercy. People of all ages are faced with various problems that could often be avoided with adequate prevention. How important is the quality of the air you breathe to you? Considering that we must breathe to live, That we […]

Why clean your heat pump?

Josue nettoyage de compresseur extérieur pour thermopompe

Cleaning your wall or central heat pump system is essential to preserve both your health and your house or business infrastructure as well as save your wallet! Since a picture is worth a thousand words!   First, see the difference between a clean wall unit filter and a clogged filter: Now see what is recovered […]

How to clean heat pump filters?


Cleaning the heat pump filter is an important part of the maintenance of your heating and cooling system. A dirty filter can reduce the efficiency of your system, which inevitably leads to higher energy bills and poorer air quality in your home. Did you know? According to the Government of Canada (2023), Canadians spend approximately […]

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