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There is the wall-mounted heat pump system and the central heat pump system.

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Easy to install, it is the ideal solution for heating and cooling your condo or house. All our wall-mounted heat pump systems are guaranteed.

  • Easy & quick to install
  • Economical solution
  • Ideal for condos and houses
  • Increases the market value of your property
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The central heat pump system is the most efficient way to heat and cool your home. By positioning an air outlet in each room of your home, it allows for equal distribution of air, ensuring optimal comfort.

  • Most efficient air conditioning solution
  • Ideal for multi-story homes
  • Greatly increases the market value of your property

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The wall-mounted heat pump system consists of two main units: the head (diffuser) and the heat pump.

The head is the part attached to the wall inside your home and the heat pump is the unit located outside your home. Note that there are different sizes and powers of heat pumps depending on the power required for the space to be heated and cooled.

Wall mounted heat pump system- Duraclim

Proper installation of your wall-mounted heat pump is essential to ensure its proper operation, but even more important to honour the manufacturer’s warranty.

Many people choose to install their wall-mounted heat pump themselves or have it installed by an unqualified contractor. If a problem occurs, before honoring the warranty, the manufacturer will ask you for proof of installation by a qualified and licensed contractor.

Through our years of experience, premature appliance failure is very often caused by poor installation.

Save yourself headaches, money and time by having your wall mounted heat pump installed by a licensed professional.

The wall-mounted heat pump is often chosen by condo and homeowners for its quick installation and low cost. Compared to a central heat pump, virtually any home can accommodate this solution.

In comparison, to install a central heat pump in an existing home, you need to install ventilation ducts through the walls of the house. Obviously, this solution requires major work.

This is why many homeowners opt for a wall-mounted heat pump. We install the compressor on the outside and the ventilation head(s) on the inside walls. It is possible to install up to 3 wall units per compressor. In multi-storey homes, it is recommended to have one unit per floor to ensure optimal performance and generate greater savings!

The installation of a wall-mounted heat pump generally takes less than 3 hours.

Main advantages :

  • Reduces electrical consumption for heating/cooling
  • Quick and less expensive installation
  • Long life span
  • Controls humidity in the home
  • Quickly heats and cools room air
  • Quiet (19 to 40 decibels indoors and 46 to 58 decibels outdoors)

Yes, a poorly maintained system can use up to 25% more electricity. That’s why it is recommended to do at least an annual maintenance to thoroughly clean the parts of the wall unit and the compressor.

For optimal efficiency, we recommend 1 maintenance in the fall and 1 in the spring.

It is important to evaluate the number of BTUs you will need to heat and cool your home in an optimal way. All DuraClim consultants will be able to help you choose the right system for your specific needs and budget.

Here is a rough chart of the recommended number of BTUs depending on the space to be covered.

500 to 900 square feet – 12,000 BTUs

900 to 1500 square feet – 18 000 BTU

1500 to 2000 square feet – 24 000 BTU


*Note that it is also common to install two smaller units in a multi-storey home. For example, a 12,000 BTU unit on the first floor and a second 12,000 BTU unit on the second floor.

Wall mounted heat pump system- Duraclim
Thermopompe central

The central ducted heat pump system consists of a compressor located outside the home, but also a furnace and air ducts leading to each room in your home.

The central ducted system is usually installed when a house is built, since the ducts must be run through the walls of the house. However, it is possible to install a central heat pump after construction.

Thermopompe central

The central ducted heat pump is often chosen by condo and home owners for its unparalleled efficiency, comfort and savings.

With the vent pipes hidden through the walls, a single vent will be briefly visible in every room of your home.

More importantly, the central ducted heat pump system offers unparalleled efficiency! When it turns on, every room in the house is heated/cooled to the same temperature simultaneously.

*Many properties already equipped with a central system have only one furnace. By adding the heat pump to the exterior of the house, it easily reduces the energy costs of cooling the house in the summer and adding heating in the winter.

  • Safe air conditioning and heating – no risk of fire
  • Heating/AC sent to all rooms in the house through the duct system.
  • Reduces carbon emissions
  • Long life span
  • Controls humidity in the house
  • Increases the value of the house
  • Quiet 19 to 40 decibels indoors and 46 to 58 decibels outdoors.

The maintenance of your central ducted heat pump system consists of a complete cleaning of your ventilation ducts as well as a maintenance of the refrigerating pressures and the components of the heat pump.

Maintenance of your central system is very important, as a poorly maintained system can consume up to 25% more electricity. It is recommended to change the filter of your unit, to clean the compressor filters and to have the maintenance done by a professional once a year in order to maximize the efficiency of the central heat pump and its life span.

Several manufacturers have started manufacturing central heat pumps in the last few years, which has resulted in the appearance of low quality systems. When everything is fine, everything is fine!

However, when a component breaks, it is very difficult, sometimes even impossible to find a manufacturer for the part to be replaced. The customer ends up buying a complete new system.

That’s why at DuraClim, we only supply heat pumps from reputable manufacturers for which the parts remain accessible for the life of your unit.

Many homes are already equipped with a central heating system including a furnace. This means that the ventilation ducts required for a central heat pump system are already installed throughout the house.

In this rather common situation, installation is greatly simplified. Simply install the central heat pump unit outside the house and connect it to your existing ventilation ducts!

Not only will you benefit from an efficient air conditioning system, but the central heat pump will keep you warm all winter long.

On average, central heat pumps can operate down to -25 degrees Celsius. When the temperature exceeds this limit, the furnace takes over.

95% of the winter days will be heated with your central system for an energy consumption of only 5 kW/h compared to 15 kW/h.

The result: significant savings on your electricity bill!

Frequently asked questions

Thanks to RénoClimat and Novoclimat, our heat pumps are eligible for subsidies of up to $5,000, depending on the unit chosen. 

For more information on the different options currently available, we invite you to contact us by phone or in the chat room.

The strength of the heat pump required is calculated in BTUs and depends on the size of the space you wish to cover and the type of system you wish to install. Make sure you have the size of your home in square feet and contact us in the chat area or by phone. One of our consultants will be happy to help you determine the best heat pump strength for your project!

At DuraClim, we offer a simple and efficient service. We are proud to say that our customers can start installing their heat pumps in less than 48 hours! 

*Please note that installation times may vary depending on the time of year and your region. We invite you to contact us for more information.

It is recommended to do maintenance on your wall or central heat pump at least once a year in order to maintain optimal efficiency and maximize energy savings.

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