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Nettoyage de conduits de ventilation résidentiel et commercial Duraclim

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Certified duct cleaning


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  • Cleaning of all ducts including 15 vents *$10/additional vents.
  • Friction and suction give you the best results.
  • Disinfecting surface treatment of the grids.
Avant / Après le nettoyage d'un conduit de ventilation central
It's important

Why duct cleaning is important?

Over time and even after a new home is built, dust, pollen, bacteria, fungi, mold and even debris left behind by construction crews can accumulate in your air ducts.

These foreign objects can have a negative effect on your HVAC system by impeding airflow, increasing pressure on your system, and leading to higher energy costs.

Uncleaned ventilation ducts also allow dust and other particles to continuously circulate in the air while accumulating on the surfaces of your home.

If you need to dust your furniture frequently, dirty ventilation ducts may be the cause. Also, a poorly maintained ventilation system can easily introduce dust and other harmful particles into the indoor air you breathe.

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What does duct cleaning involve?

A multi-step process

Complete duct cleaning procedure

  • Cutting of the access doors
  • Zoning and suction
  • Sensor installation
  • Return cleaning
  • Unit cleaning
  • Power supply cleaning
  • Grid cleaning
  • Filter replacement
  • Internal quality control and sealing of openings

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Duct cleaning for residential ventilation systems

Thanks to our powerful negative pressure air system and whip cleaning technique, Duraclim offers the most efficient air duct cleaning service available. It is important to understand that most residential ventilation systems are only 4 inches in diameter. This being said, many companies use a simple rotating brush to clean residential air ducts. Not only does this procedure not clean the entire ductwork, but it can sometimes be harmful to your ducts. These brushes are often used from house to house and therefore carry with them contaminants from previous duct cleanings. This is why at Duraclim we use air whips to effectively clean your ventilation ducts from top to bottom without any negative impacts. Make a request online now for a quick quote!

nettoyage de trape d'air conduit de ventilation résidentiel

Duct Cleaning for commercial ventilation systems

Having technicians with over 20 years of experience in commercial air duct cleaning, we have one of the most experienced teams available for commercial duct cleaning. Each company has its own needs and particularities, for any commercial duct cleaning project, a technician will first come on site to evaluate the work in order to offer you a service adapted to your needs. From small businesses to large restaurant chains and public institutions, we have the experience to serve you. Request a quote online now!

nettoyage de conduits de ventilation commercial

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Our technicians are certified:

Certified duct cleaning

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Brandon P.
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The guys are pro. They arrive on site, take care of our things and make sure to clean every duct and vent. I will definitely do business with them again.
Annie V.
Read More
My sister referred me to duraclim for central air system cleaning for our new home. They did my ducts and dryer...very satisfied!
Catherine E.
Read More
I had a bad experience 3 years ago with another company so let's just say I was pretty selective this time! I was pleasantly surprised with their professionalism. Our ducts are clean and I am a happy customer.👍🏼
Vincent G.
Read More
If I could give 10 out of 5 stars I would. Courteous customer service, technicians know what they are doing while being careful. Our ventilation ducts were more than due! Thank you to the entire team.
Josiane P.
Read More
This is the second time we have dealt with duraclim for the cleaning of our ventilation system and I have received excellent service both times! I recommend them!
Tania C.
Read More
They did it at home and at the cottage. I have nothing but positive things to say about their good customer service and the quality of work of their technicians. You can tell they are used to it. 5 stars!

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Frequently asked questions

The time to clean your ventilation ducts can vary greatly from one building to another, the type of ducts you have and many other factors. For more information, we invite you to request a quote online.

It is recommended to maintain your commercial ventilation system at least once every 2 to 3 years to maintain optimal efficiency, good air quality and to extend the life of the ventilation system. Learn more about commercial ventilation duct cleaning.

Our technicians are 100% autonomous, so you don’t need to be on site during the duct cleaning process. We can also adapt to your business hours.

In order to facilitate maintenance of your air ducts and to ensure that our technicians can do their work properly, we suggest that you move any object that may obstruct access to the ventilation ducts.

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