Cleaning of commercial ventilation ducts

A complete cleaning of your commercial ventilation ducts (public establishments, restaurants, industrial or any other type of premises).

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A commercial duct cleaning service tailored to your business.

Having technicians with over 20 years of experience in commercial duct cleaning, we have one of the most experienced teams in Quebec for commercial duct cleaning.

Each company has its own needs and particularities, for any commercial ventilation duct cleaning project, a technician will first come on site to evaluate the work in order to offer you a service adapted to your needs. From small and medium-sized businesses to large restaurant chains and public institutions, we have the experience to serve you. Request a free quote online now!

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Stephane L.
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We have been working with duraclim for 2 years for the cleaning of our commercial condo ducts. Very professional and well organized. I recommend them.
Joanie P.
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We tried two companies before we found Duraclim. They did our first store in Laval and we might use them for our other three stores.
Mélanie. G
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I must first say, what a fast and professional service. Being in the hotel business, we work with a LOT of outside services and so far this is one of the best companies we have worked with for the cleaning of our ventilation system.
Rémon C.
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If I could put 6/5 I would. Only positive things to say about the entire team. From the moment we made the online submission to the cleanup of the system, we were pleasantly surprised. Congratulations to the whole team, it's nice to work with people like you.
Maxime L.
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Duraclim does duct cleaning in both our plants and I have received very good service so far. If you are hesitating, I can tell you, you will not be disappointed. They are competitively priced, honest and do a professional job.
Martin D.
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A1 service. My first cleaning with duraclim went great. It won't be the last!

In what does commercial ventilation duct cleaning consist?

A multi-step process

Complete cleaning process

  • Cutting of the access doors
  • Zoning and suction
  • Sensor installation
  • Return cleaning
  • Unit cleaning
  • Power supply cleaning
  • Grid cleaning
  • Filter replacement
  • Internal quality control and sealing of openings
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Do you have questions about commercial duct cleaning?

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Why clean your commercial ventilation ducts?

Over time and even after a new building is constructed, dust, pollen, bacteria, fungi, mold and debris left behind by construction crews can accumulate in your air ducts.

In a factory, restaurant or other commercial space, there is much more traffic than in a residential building. This constant high traffic speeds up the contamination of the ventilation ducts.

A poorly maintained system means higher energy consumption. On a large scale this can make a big difference in your electricity bill. A poorly trained ventilation system has to work harder to obtain the same temperature and therefore uses more energy.

In addition to being energy intensive, a poorly maintained system can cause breathing problems or make an environment unhealthy. This is why many commercial establishments are required by the government to have their ventilation ducts cleaned every year.

If you notice that your office or space is collecting dust quickly, chances are your ventilation ducts need to be cleaned.

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Frequently asked questions

The time to clean your commercial ventilation ducts can vary greatly from one building to another, the type of ducts you have and many other factors. For more information, we invite you to request a quote online.

It is recommended to maintain your commercial ventilation system at least once every 2 to 3 years to maintain optimal efficiency, good air quality and to extend the life of the ventilation system. Learn more about commercial ventilation duct cleaning.

Our technicians are 100% autonomous, so you don’t need to be on site during the duct cleaning process. We can also adapt to your business hours.

In order to facilitate maintenance of your air ducts and to ensure that our technicians can do their work properly, we suggest that you move any object that may obstruct access to the ventilation ducts.

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