A service that makes people talk!

Here’s what our customers have to say about it.

Improvements/corrections to the blown-in fiberglass insulation. Much better heating/cooling comfort now with these changes. duraclim managed the insulation project well.

Isabelle F.

I called in the morning, that same day Consultant Valentin came to my house to do my assessment and the next morning they came to do the work. Super good work.

Alessandra C.

I really feel like I got complete insulation, they met my needs and I have already felt a difference with the temperature control in my house.

Frederic F.

The technician, Valentin, explained to me the cleaning he did. He was honest, professional and respectful. I am a satisfied customer. I would recommend

Laurent J.

I was researching online and looking for a company that didn’t cost the earth to keep me cool this summer. The price to quality ratio is extraordinary and that’s what I liked about duraclim. Not to mention the very friendly staff! Thanks again boys!

Billy E.

WOW! Je n’aurais jamais pensé être aussi impressionné par une entreprise en chauffage. J’ai d’abord embauché Duraclim pour une mise au point et une évaluation de fournaise lors de l’achat d’une maison plus ancienne Non seulement leurs techniciens sont compétents, mais ils sont gentils et amicaux. ils prendront le temps d’expliquer comment les choses fonctionnent.

Guo L.

Thank you to the DuraClim team for the installation of our new wall mounted heat pump, I had been thinking about it for 3 years and they made the process very pleasant.

Marie U.

I had Duraclim check out my 2 wall mounted heat pumps as they are both at least 20 years old and were so loud you couldn’t sit outside while they were running. It was recommended by Dennis, the service technician, that it was not worth the investment because of their age.

Miranda T.

I contacted them for my old house so I called them back to maintain my central pump. My appointment was scheduled in a short amount of time, the technician arrived on time and completed the job quickly and competently, taking care not to make a mess in my family room. I highly recommend calling them!

Jonny H.

Duraclim installed a wall heat pump for me and it was a great experience. I emailed them and got a call the next morning, an estimate a few days later, and then they were installed early as soon as they had an opening.

Noah N.

They changed our very old central heat pump in no time on a very hot day. I highly recommend them.

Benedict B.

PROS !!!!! I have rarely seen people work as well as this… They are respectful and took the time to guide me before the installation of my multizone heatpump

Silvia G

Great service in town! Now I know who I’m going to call for my wall air conditioning problems

Raj B.

I highly recommend DuraClim insulation services, they answered all my questions and expectations.

Henry L.

Experienced people who know how to do a good job and make a customer or his family happy.

Patrick L.

I was recommended by my dad for insulation work and as it turns out the guys were really good and professional.

Patrice V.

Excellent service and we didn’t have to wait more than a few days for our appointment. Our central heat pump was changed in 3 hours. Highly recommend

Samuel D.

Today we had a visit from the installer for our multi-zone heat pump. Everything went so well. I highly recommend him.

Christina H.

Great service! Nothing negative to say, installation of my new heating system in 48 hours!

Parnella F.

Exemplary customer service with empathy. Promptness and efficiency.

Gabriela B.

I contacted them twice now once for the furnace and recently for the central heat pump.

Betty L.

The guys were super nice and professional, I couldn’t have asked for more.

Patrice F.

I have seen a huge difference between my 2019 and 2020 bills, my multi-zone heating system is very efficient.

Dominik K.

I had a visit from Valentin this morning, very good service, he knows what he is doing and was able to help me with my decision.

Isabelle M,

The service I was offered is unbeatable! I was well served from start to finish. From the quote to the installation they were very professional. Thank you very much

Eric E.

I had a visit from Valentin this morning to possibly change my heating system. Valentin is so good at his job, he knows what he is talking about and what he is doing.

Clarisa V.

The first time they installed a wall air conditioner which was excellent and that was one of the reasons that I decided to contact them again for my central air conditioning job. They were very professional and courteous to me and let me know everything about the air conditioning unit. I would contact them again for any other job I have.

Charlotte M.

Valentin knew how to give me confidence and as a matter of fact the installation went very well and after 3 weeks, I am still very satisfied

Gilbert G.

Jordan called me after my multi-zone system was installed to make sure I had applied for the grant. This shows that he loves his job and wants to make sure he gives the best service, thank you!

Norris S.

I used the services of Duraclim and was very impressed with their professionalism. This summer is going to be hot! I highly recommend them.

Ana C.

True professionals, concerned about the best interest of the customers. Not only were they able to change our wall air conditioner, This was a first for us after contacting other companies that did a lot of sketchy work, I highly recommend duraclim.

Lennie H.

I called Duraclim based on great reviews. Good choice! I replaced my 21 year old furnace and central heat pump, and I feel so comfortable with my decision.

Brandi S.

I called 2 other companies and they refused to do the work but Duraclim found a very effective solution for my wall heating unit and I am very grateful.

Eldar B.

They did an outstanding job. Very professional and the cleaning was perfect. They took care of the space we needed to insulate and got the job done.


I had Danny visit me for the installation of my multi-zone furnace, he was very nice and professional. Danny took the time to explain to me how to take advantage of my new system.

Lance C.

Best service call I’ve ever had in my life, I wish I had done business with them sooner….

James L.

What a great job! I can’t help but look at the wall mounted heat pump. The layout of the pipes and the cleanliness of it all makes me smile. The guys were courteous and respectful. They even answered all my stupid questions.

Megan C.

Great team, they arrived at my house on time, they were very respectful and did a great job installing my new heatpump

Byron S.

This is the 2nd time I have called Maxime for a maintenance service and once again, the service is impeccable.

Julia D.

Thanks to Max for the fast service, in 3 hours the guys had finished the insulation job.

Matheu G.

My mother is very satisfied with her installation and highly recommends the services of DuraClim

Merton T.

They are very nice and honest people. We love Maxime’s outing. “nous adorons la sortie de maxime” ?? C’est une expression que je connais pas

Yael B.

Excellent work! I am very happy with my new multi-zone heating system

Joanne R.

We had an excellent experience when we changed our multi-zone heating system. They did everything right and also gave us important advice

George M.

I am very satisfied with the service, the guys were really nice and pleasant.

Henry J.

I had a visit from Danny to repair my heat pump, great service!

Karon R.

I heard about Duraclim through word of mouth and was pleasantly surprised. They are a company that listens to the customer and offers impeccable and professional service. I highly recommend them!

Graziella F.

We hesitated between sprayed polyurethane insulation or blown wool. Maxime advised us very well

Elisabetta C.

Our central furnace had stopped working late on a Sunday night and called them on Monday morning. Valentin showed up at 10am and was able to detect the problem right away. Since our furnace was 20 years old, I decided to have it replaced. He made a few calls, gave me an estimate and was able to do everything that afternoon. He was very knowledgeable and explained everything. I highly recommend this company

Shaun H.

Duraclim were able to replace my old multi-zone air conditioner in a few hours and did it for about $1800 less than another company estimated. Highly recommend!

Eric M.

Cleaning of our air conditioner; we had requested a quote via the website The response was within minutes. I made an appointment via their website. The technician is a very courteous and considerate guy. he did his thing and said everything was in great shape, and wished us a good weekend. The service met all my expectations, I would definitely use them again and recommend them as well.

Benjamin C.

Excellent service, with a very quick return call one weekend when the air conditioning broke down. They were quick and thorough, they delivered what we expected

Cloridan C.

Very honest company I recommend them for wall heating systems that extend your peace of mind in winter.

Janelle D.

We contacted duraclim to come and maintain our central air conditioning and furnace that we had purchased with them…

they were very prompt (to the point of calling to see if it would be ok if they were early), they were efficient, friendly and very informative. with all our systems. We will use this company in the future. Excellent customer service and great peace of mind!!!

Tasha M.

From the inspection of our attic using their photos, to the details of their estimate, to the installation, the expertise, experience and professionalism of this contractor’s employees were great. We highly recommend this contractor for insulation work.

Ela Jennings

They gave me an estimate extremely quickly, they then found time to come in the morning to install our wall air conditioner, they were quick, efficient and informative, I can’t recommend them enough.

Mathieu. L

We got a trustworthy evaluation and recommendation, no pressure on sales. the Tech was professional. they were prompt and thorough, delivered what we expected – and went above and beyond to ensure proper installation of my air conditioner

Carmen B.

we hired them to install wool insulation in our home. From the day they made their estimate to the time they completed the job, they were upfront, communicative and answered all our questions. No pressure or sales tactics… just a fair and honest assessment and information.

Maryse G.

We are very satisfied with the service we received. We needed to replace our wall-mounted heat pump system with a central one. We greatly appreciated Duraclim’s quick service.

Mathieu C.

The fastest service I’ve seen !!!! I called for a quote and 24 hours later I had already received my multi-zone heat pump installation.

Rocco G.

Simply wow, I got my quote for my multi-zone air conditioner the same day I called and my installation 48 hours later.

Kethline F.

Valentin did an excellent cleaning!!! he is kind, respectful and knows how to do his job well.

Alex F.

simply amazing! They did a fantastic job with our house sealing and cellulose insulation. Everyone was extraordinarily friendly and very respectful of our home, leaving it as if they had never been there.

Sidney D.

Very good service!

Yasmine S.

They did an amazing job on my central heating system. Excellent communication and professional staff. I highly recommend them.

Marie S.

Excellent service and I highly recommend him. It was easy to book our appointment, our technician was able to come earlier than expected and finished installing our heat pump within an hour.

Manon B.

We had a problem with our wall mounted air conditioning unit just before the heat wave . They were quick and very informative on how to fix our problem. Thanks again for your help!

Kathleen. M

Thank you to the team! They were very kind and professional. Also, the purchasing process is extremely easy. I highly recommend them!

Gabrielle L.

Very professional. Cleaned up after himself. Took the time to explain things with my air conditioning

Xavier P.

A 5 star service at first for the professional Maxime who preferred to clean my current unit before changing it. Then another 5 stars for Valentin who did a thorough cleaning of my unit. Honest people who are at the service of the customer.

Raphael C.

It’s been 3 years now that DuraClim do my annual maintenance and cleaning, the service is always so excellent

Alex J.

The staff working in this company, in all its departments, know exactly how to serve a customer well. The service is very professional, efficient and courteous. Your service attitude and professionalism are your best qualities. Congratulations and thank you very much.

Alphonse C.

After the visit of Réno-Climat, Maxime came to the house to do the work and we are very satisfied with the result of the insulation

Elio S.

An impeccable service!!!! I am really satisfied!!!!

Danny D.

The Duraclim team is top notch! We have contacted them for a variety of heating, cooling needs and have always been impressed. Scheduling is easy, communication is good, the technicians are fast and professional, and the price is right

Alice V,

Last winter, Maxime had explained to me the reason for the icicles around the house. I can confirm that since the insulation work the house has not had any icicles

Taylor A.

I had not done any cleaning for 10 years, Valentin refurbished it in 1 hour!

Mathis N.

Very knowledgeable about all the products and explained how everything works. I am more than satisfied with my wall AC installation. I highly recommend this company.

Kevin T.

Nick installed my new wall mounted air conditioning unit yesterday and I couldn’t be more thrilled. He is the ultimate professional. He arrived exactly on time and explained the work he was going to do.

Isaak B.

Super efficient and professional service. Deadlines met!!! I recommend you!!!

Karine D.

I had my wall air conditioner installed and running in half a day. Excellent work.

Xavier R.

my central heat pump would not turn on. It was almost 5pm on the Friday after Christmas and everyone was off for the holidays/weekend. A manager offered to send a salesman and was able to have him give us the advice we needed. He seemed happy to help us.

Audrey M.

Very good service. All my questions were answered and the installation service was very professional 🙂

Melanie B.

I just installed a central air conditioning system for my family. Also, the DuraClim team took the time to discuss my preferences and show me the range of options. I highly recommend.

Amine E.

Excellent customer service, I called in the morning for a bill problem and it was resolved that morning.

Martha J.

Maxime’s team came to give us a blown wool insulation service last summer, it was the first winter that I felt really comfortable in my home.

Natella F.

Excellent service from Maxime at the service department for the installation of my wall-mounted heat pump.

Karel A.

Very efficient and reliable. I had my multi-zone air conditioner installed in May 2020 within 48 hours of calling to inquire about their services.

Christopher C.

After having a new central system installed, the representative (maxime) accompanied me through the financing and grant process.

Kari C.

After being referred by my sister, I am very satisfied with the service I received. The price and the fast service for the installation of the mural met all my expectations!

Victoria F.

An exemplary customer service, Maxime accompanied me from A to Z in the steps of the grant for my blown fiberglass insulation

Valentine K.

I used Duraclim for a new air conditioner. They did everything with no problems and at a great price. I highly recommend them.

Eric S.

After being referred by my neighbor, we are very satisfied with the service. The installation of my wall mounted heat pump went as planned!

Marc C.

Satisfied with the work and the level of courtesy around the estimation process for the wool home insulation. The crew that did the work was great, clean and jovial. I will contact them again on my next property and suggest them to my family and friends. There are still fair service providers out there, these guys tick all the boxes.

Kevin P.

Professional, courteous, good price and excellent service! They installed a new multizone heat pump with the furnace and I am very satisfied! Thanks to Maxime and his team!

Arielle O.

Fast! Within 48 hours I had a new working multi-zone air conditioning system at a reasonable price. Professional and helpful

Danielle P.

very professional and we had a great job insulating my attic. I couldn’t have asked for a better team.

Alec L.

We have always been impressed with the quality and speed of their service, so when we needed a new furnace and central heat pump, I contacted them again. They explained the problem clearly and provided an accurate estimate. After installing my new equipment, they answered all my questions. I highly recommend This is a good deal, and I think we and our home are in good hands.

Randy D.

I chose Duraclim because they were one of the only companies that didn’t try to pressure me into a decision. They were honest from start to finish.

Daniel R.

Excellent service! After 15 years we decided to change our heat pump and central furnace and we are very happy with the result.

Denise B.

I didn’t know anything about insulation before I called Maxime, I’m really glad that DuraClim was able to do my insulation and heating work in the same day.

Howard K.

We needed a new wall mounted heat pump unit after our 38 year old unit died. The estimate and installation was simple and smooth.

Mathieu C.

Duraclim did a quick and efficient job replacing our wall air conditioner. They did a great job cleaning up and even took care of the disposal of the old unit. I recommend them!

Dennis F.

We installed a wall unit and had questions about the compressor. After good advice and excellent service, we found a perfect solution for our requirements.

Jocelyn L.

The technician is very qualified, he really took the time to explain the importance of cleaning and also showed me how to do small cleanings

Kevin A.

Benjamin did an excellent cleaning!!! he is kind, respectful and knows how to do his job well.

Alex F.

Good service and good price compared to others. I would definitely recommend it to others.

Kean H.

I had Valentin visit me this morning to clean my mural and he really impressed me, he is very nice and respectful.

Garry H.

I used Duraclim to service my two wall mounted air conditioners. Kaleb was prompt and professional. He did an amazing job cleaning the units and getting them back to optimal working condition. I couldn’t be happier with the service I received!

Karim F.

I changed my heating system last week and I already see a huge difference in terms of comfort and efficiency

Jerome F.

Fast and effective service!

Adam G.

Unpleasant surprise to have to replace our multizone heat pump, a much easier project thanks to the duraclim team and we are actually happy that it was done.

Genevieve T.

I enjoyed working with your team from start to finish. I found everyone to be very knowledgeable and informative. Thank you for our new central heating.

Marvin D.

Fantastic job with our central heating ducts. Good knowledge of their products and excellent customer service. Highly recommend!

Diane C.

The replacement of my old wall-mounted heat pump was done in 3 days from the first estimate visit. We got a very good price. Thank you Duraclim!

Brigitte B.

Our cellulose insulation bid was detailed, which allowed for clear communication on the work to be done as well as accurate pricing. The installers were professional, extremely polite and kept the job site clean. We can’t say enough good things about the experience, the installation crew and the quality of the work done. Everyone was great.

Patrice S.

I did my central heat pump and furnace. The techs worked on my house. They were very professional, safe, clean and answered all my questions. Thank you

Dennis A.

I bought a wall mounted air conditioner from them a year ago. I got a good price and a very nice installation. Duraclim is the best!

Tasha J.

The installation was quick, the wall air conditioning works great, the email response was quick as well. I will recommend their service to my friends and family.

Jacob C.

Une équipe professionnelle, ils sont gentils, professionnels et très respectueux.

Bertrand D.

Our central air conditioner was not cooling. The same day, I called duraclim and in a short time, they understood the problem. They replaced it and it is now operational. I wanted to write a review because I was very impressed with the service, response time, quality and price. I couldn’t be happier.34:34Thank you!

Mahi D.

The service provided by the team is worth 5 stars. duraclim installed my multizone heat pump in 2020 and just did its annual maintenance . Fast, efficient, friendly and explained everything.

Serge S.

First time with Duraclim and will definitely contact them again. Very professional and knowledgeable and my air conditioner works great. Affordable prices too!

Yannick S.

Very satisfied, I trusted Maxime, the salesman, who explained the products very well and did not try to sell me more than I needed, the installation was also very professional. I highly recommend DuraClim

Brian H.

I wasn’t sure if improving my insulation would make a difference, but I’m pleasantly surprised with the results. The house was much warmer and my hydro bill went down

Juliana A.

For once, it’s refreshing to see honest and transparent sellers. Thank you for my new wall heating system!

Romain D.

duraclim worked on my attic adding cellulose insulation. Fast, efficient, excellent communication. I would use them again.

Tristan S.

Thanks to Jordan and his team for the service, they really helped me find a solution to replace my wall heating system

Fletcher D.

I thought I would have to change my heat pump, but Valentin recommended a cleaning and as a matter of fact, he was right, the cleaning made all the difference

Rosa E.

So impressed with my wall mounted heat pump heating! Kind, professional, informative and honest – from the first phone call to Julie doing more than expected . I highly recommend this company….. and will continue to use them for all my air conditioning needs!

Glen P.

Very good service! A dynamic and professional team

Sabrina L.

The installer Dave worked magic with my central heating system. I went from a 100% oil system to a 100% electric system and I am very happy with the results.

Alicia L.

The technician Alex was really nice, he changed my wall heat pump and then took a moment to show me how it worked.

Fedot A.

Nick was very professional and changed our wall air conditioning unit very quickly. If they can’t come the same day, they are there the next day.

Marc. D

Our central heat pump would not turn on when the outside temperatures were above 30 degrees every day. I called for an appointment thinking it would take a few days to get it done, but Duraclim sent us a quote the same day.

Etienne V.

We recently had a new central heat pump installed in our home. We were very impressed with the whole process. There was absolutely no sales pressure and they spent considerable time explaining our options.

Daniel R.

After a very hot summer last year, we decided to install a central heat pump system. We were very impressed with the excellent service!

Jizreel B.

Super service very professional, courteous and fast. Very good quality and what about the price!!! A big thank you and I recommend 110%!!!

Alexander D.

Team of pros!!! I am very happy with my maintenance.

Sam F.

After having my cousin’s installation done in Blainville, I asked for a quote for a wall heat pump replacement. The service is excellent, I recommend!!!

Joseph T.

They came to install a new heat pump at my 85 year old mother’s house. I am very happy with the service, because not only was the installation quick and efficient, but the employees were very respectful and took the time to explain everything to my mother.

Dominique B.

Valentin came to our house today for the inspection. He was on time and did an excellent job. Very professional and friendly, very reasonable prices. I will definitely use them again in the future!

Dorene S.

I used DuraClim’s services to change the central system at my mother’s house, the installers are very nice and professional.

Maxime L.

Excellent job with the installation of our new furnace/ac. They were on time, explained everything that was going to happen and were very professional.

Martin G.

I had a noise coming from our central heat pump. I googled reviews for a heating and air conditioning company that had high reviews. I called this company and They sent Joe and he quickly determined it was a bad broken motor bearing. So we changed the whole thing.

Tommy C

Very polite, arrived on time and did not try to charge anything extra! They definitely have a new loyal customer for all our Air Conditioning needs!

Clovis B.

Thank you to the team for coming to my home at the last minute to do a complete cleaning of my system.

George T.

Super happy with the result of my cleaning, it’s like having a new machine.

Benjamin R.

After some problems, the representative Jordan helped us for more than 1 month to find a solution. Thank you very much for your service.

Chan Juan C.

The guys arrived in the middle of a heat wave and did a great job, they were respectful and didn’t complain. They are really a professional team.

Alfredo C.

I was skeptical of how much adding cellulose insulation would help. The crew was great and did the job as they said they would. They were super polite and respectful of our home, took precautions against covid and made sure everything was done right. So glad we chose them!

Cristian C.

I have a family bungalow and I had a central system installed; everything works perfectly. In terms of quality and price I highly recommend. Thank you again for your help!

Valerie A.

I needed a new central heat pump, my old one wasn’t working anymore. They gave me an appointment for the next day. They were on time, accurate and very professional. I would recommend

Eleonore G.

I recommend DuraClim because they are an empathetic company with an eye for detail.

Azizah S.

I called for a cleaning quote and 3 hours later the technician was at my house to do the work. Fast and professional service!

Simon O.

My wall heating system wasn’t working anymore, I didn’t know where to look so I chose a company with good google stars and I was not disappointed.

Alexandra R.

My heat pump wasn’t working, so I went with Jordan to purchase and install my new system and I’m very happy with the results.

Valerie W.

Jordan is great to work with! He is professional, fast and his crew did a great job. I’ve used the company for a few attic insulation projects with blast wool and the prices are competitive. The work is done well, on time and on budget. I highly recommend them.

Corrina C.

A team that gives itself for the customer, I have rarely seen people so dedicated to give such a good service

Rodrigo S.

Je recommanderais cette entreprise à 100%! Andy était notre technicien et il était rapide, compétent et a travaillé de manière très propre, en veillant à protéger nos sols. Le prix était juste et j’utiliserais certainement cette entreprise à nouveau si nécessaire.

Dionel S.

They installed 2 wall-mounted air conditioners in my house and did an excellent job. On time and very professional. They installed a mini split heat pump and a central air conditioner and both are working without any problems.

Neo R.

The guys came to my house this morning to do my blown-in wool insulation, they were super professional and into their business

Lioba G.

It was time to replace our 35 year old central furnace with a new one. duraclim was able to give us a same day quote at a more reasonable price than the other companies we contacted. They were very friendly and professional

Charlene D.

My wall heating system was due for a change and thanks to Maxime for his outstanding service throughout the process

Antoine B.

Fast, pleasant and professional, I highly recommend DuraClim cleaning service

Melinda E.

Very courteous staff and professional service!
Thank you to the team

Felix L.

My mother is very satisfied with her installation and highly recommends the services of DuraClim

Merton T.

I was pleasantly surprised with the service I received concerning my central air conditioning system, not only was I well informed throughtout the entire installation.

Antonia F.

Excellent service, what I like about them is the price and their quick turnaround. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs an installation, maintenance or repair of their air conditioning, heating and/or thermostat.

Steve T.

Unlike another company that tried to change my unit, the DuraClim team offered me a cleaning and as a result my system works like new.

Tony F.

After having contacted a good dozen companies, I finally found a company that listens to the customer. Very professional and above all on time. It is a company that clearly has experience in the field of air conditioning and heating. Thank you a thousand times.

Armando R.

I had a problem with my parents’ AC and was referred to Duraclim. Their team found a quick solution and their service was fast, honest and efficient.

Jeremy S.

Valentin is super good !!!! a nice and professional man who does his job well.

Susan B.

Ils ont toujours été dignes de confiance et n’ont jamais essayé de nous vendre quoi que ce soit simplement nous donner leurs conseil. Nous n’utiliserons jamais une autre entreprise pour nos besoins de chauffage et d’air.
Merci pour tout ce que vous faites !

Sydney B.

They installed a central heating system for the whole house for us. Professional in every way. We highly recommend them!

Cameron L.

Valentin installed my new heating system this morning, he was super efficient!

William A.

Valentin was super nice, he took the time to show me how to clean my filters and my outdoor compressor to make sure my machine was working properly.

Marc T.

The first visit was professional and thorough with no time wasted. The visit to add spray insulation to my attic was great.

Marc-Alexandre D.

My central heating system was failing and I didn’t know what to do. Duraclim came to evaluate the situation, and now I am equipped to spend a nice winter with the family.

Jordan M.

From start to finish, excellent service! I received reminders by phone and email of the pending visit. On the morning of my vacation, I received a text message that David was coming to my house. David put on shoe covers and answered our questions right away!

Nicoline M.

they made the cellulose insulation process easy. Maxime was thorough, professional and courteous in getting us an estimate. He was able to get me an appointment quickly and answered all my questions.
The technicians were on time, finished faster than expected and gave me a detailed overview after the job was done, with pictures they took along the way. Highly recommend.

Cassy W.

We purchased 2 new Gree wall heaters for our 2 homes and had regular maintenance done. They have always treated us well, friendly and professional. I highly recommend them.

Laura L.

My wall heating system failed over the Christmas vacations and the same day I had a visit from the technician who completely changed it to make sure we were fine for the rest of the vacations.

Anastasie M.

our central heating system was not working so I called duraclim, I am satisfied with their work thank you again!

Karim D.

My mother needed a new furnace for the cottage, so I called DuraClim. Once again I am very satisfied with the work.

Natella A.

Thank you for your time in helping to upgrade our new wall mounted heat pump, it is certainly a much quieter unit.

Krystal F.

Excellent service. My central furnace was making a lot of noise, so we decided to change it to avoid future problems.
48 hours after the call, I had a new central furnace

Damien R.

I have dealt with several other companies in the past and have never received such amazing service. They were strangers and treated me like family. Don’t go anywhere else! Hats off to Maxime for his valuable advice on which wall air conditioner we should get.

Hugette. R

One of the few companies in this industry that actually offers good service for air conditioners. I recommend them!

Line D.

They did a great job, very friendly and professional, I highly recommend it and will use them in the future

Martine S.

Very good service ! Really professional! I recommend!

Jephte S.

Quickly responded to my request for a quote and advised me of a multi-zone air conditioner. They offered a high quality system at an excellent price-quality ratio, as well as a friendly and responsive customer service.

Patrick S.

Valentin and Maxime offered a 5 star service !!!! From the quotation, to the visit to the installation, to the grant application, they were present, courteous and proactive to find the best solutions to my needs

Luis V.

Duraclim installed a new multi-zone AC unit. I had already used this company for a furnace installation a year ago. I have NEVER been so confident with a company

Pascal C.

Maxime listened carefully to my needs and recommended a multi-zone system. I recommend Duraclim to everyone

Glenn Y.

Blown wool insulation in our attic. The team was friendly and professional. They made sure to clean up after themselves and answered all my questions. I would recommend!

Hector H.

Super friendly and professional. They did a great job installing a central air conditioning unit and cleaning up right after

Richard P.

The technician was very professional and changed both my wall mounted air conditioners. Explained everything in detail, was able to help me as I wanted.

Luis M.

Five star service…I needed a central heat pump as soon as possible. Maxime gave me impeccable service from start to finish. Thank you Duraclim!

Zacharie P.

I am very satisfied, excellent service.

Felix C.

What a refreshing experience to work with a contractor who is knowledgeable, willing to answer any questions and reliable to show up on time to do the job. They worked in a hard to reach attic and did a great job, they were not only professional, but respected my home and property and made sure I was ultimately satisfied. Their work is also amazing and I highly recommend them for any insulation job.

Amelie C.

Maxime is a professional, after a few minutes he already knew the solution and as a matter of fact, we are very pleased with the result. He is a serious and very respectful young man who has his heart on his sleeve.

Marcos Oliveira R.

This is a company that does what it advertises. Real professionals who care about the energy efficiency of your home. My house went from being drafty and cold on one side to feeling airtight and uniformly warm. Not to mention the energy savings and environmental benefit of their insulation work!

Youssef S.

I called for a change of my wall heat pump, the employee was on time, made a flawless change.

Asha Z.

Maxime had mentioned to me to add a second unit, and he was right, he was not trying to make a sale, but to sincerely advise me.

Leokadia S.

Thank you for the good service. Replacement of the wall heating unit in 48 hours. Wow!!!

Apolline L.

I had the visit of the installer Stéphane this morning for the installation of my new furnace. He did a great job, I’m really happy.

Elía V.

Very satisfied! I liked the speed of their service. We had two central air conditioners installed with them, for my cottage and at home. My sister had a good service as well, so I recommend them.

Melanie S.

Great experience from start to finish! the tech was thorough and helpful throughout the process. the wall heat pump was priced right which seems hard to come by these days. Thank you for the wonderful customer service! I would definitely recommend him to others!

William W.

I always have such a good experience with this company. I highly recommend them

Zubaidah L.
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