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Elisabetta C.
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We hesitated between sprayed polyurethane insulation or blown wool. Maxime advised us very well.
Howard K.
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I didn't know anything about insulation before I called Maxime, I'm really glad that DuraClim was able to do my insulation and heating work in the same day.
Patrice V.
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I was recommended by my dad for insulation work and as it turns out the guys were really good and professional.
Mohammed E.
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very professional and we had a great job insulating my attic. I couldn't have asked for a better team.
Ali H.
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We do an outstanding job. Very professional and the cleaning was perfect. They took care of the space we needed to insulate and got the job done.
Micheal F.
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I really feel like I got complete insulation, they met my needs and I have already felt a difference with the temperature control in my house.

Spray polyurethane insulation

Spray polyurethane is one of the best performing insulation products available. It adheres to virtually any type of surface such as the concrete foundation in your subsoil, the ceiling in your attic or the exterior walls of your home. As a spray-on product, spray polyurethane easily fits into even the most difficult to reach places.

Once sprayed, it swells and forms a layer of insulation that seals out moisture, mold and mildew. Spray polyurethane is also an environmentally friendly solution made from recycled plastics.

  • Ideal for insulating foundations and roofs
  • Energy saving
  • Adheres easily to different types of surfaces
  • Ecological
  • Effective against allergens, dust and mold
  • Thermal insulation, air barrier and vapour barrier
Duraclim - isolation-polyurethane-gicle-opt
Duraclim - isolation-polyurethane-gicle-opt

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Frequently asked questions

Contrary to what many people may think, insulation is not only good for keeping you warm. Insulation also keeps you cool in the summer! Insulation acts as a protective barrier that slows the inflow of warm air and the outflow of cold air. This simple change keeps the house cooler and reduces your energy consumption.

Yes, the majority of DuraClim’s projects involve changing the old insulation for new, better-performing insulation.

The lifespan varies with each type of insulation, but it is generally time to change your insulation every 12-15 years. It is also recommended to change the insulation if you have had water infiltration or if the insulation has been eaten by rodents.

R represents the resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating capacity and resistance to heat flow. Depending on where you live and the area of your home you are insulating, different R-values are recommended. For example, a colder climate requires higher R-values than a milder, more temperate climate. In some applications, R-values can be added together for increased thermal resistance.

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