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Installation of heating system, air conditioning and wall or central heat pump for your house or apartment.

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Air duct cleaning

Residential wall-mounted mini-split cleaning and residential or commercial ventilation duct cleaning.


Insulation service for your attic, basement or any other room. Blown insulation, foam insulation, insulating panels and insulating rolls.

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subvention thermopompe, climatisation, chauffage, isolation

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Thermopompe mural et central

Wall-mounted heat pump

Simple & Multi-zone

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Fournaise et compresseur

Central system

Furnace and Heat Pump

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Système d'air climatisé mural

Wall-mounted air conditioner

Simple & Multi-Zone

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Fournaise pour chauffage système central


Electric furnace

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Cleaning of ventilation ducts

The cleaning of ventilation ducts is very important at the residential and commercial level to ensure a good air quality and a good functioning of the system. Thanks to the various cleaning tools and technologies we use, we are able to thoroughly clean all types of ventilation ducts.

Learn more about duct cleaning >

Commercial duct cleaning

Our technicians are qualified (IQAQ certification) and trained to clean your commercial ventilation ducts according to the rules of the trade. With technicians with over 20 years of experience in the field, we are able to meet your needs, no matter how big or small the project!

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Wall-mounted heat pump cleaning

Cleaning a wall-mounted heat pump is recommended once or twice a year. Since the system operates in both summer and winter it is reasonable to clean your wall mounted heat pump at the change of these two major seasons.

Learn more about wall-mounted heat pump cleaning>

Cleaning of wall-mounted air conditioners

Wall mounted air conditioning cleaning is one of our specialties. We make sure to keep your unit healthy and eliminate the bacteria that accumulates in a poorly maintained system. Wall air conditioning cleaning not only ensures a longer life for your system, but also better air quality in your home.

Learn more about wall air conditioning cleaning>

Heat Pump

The heat pump has gained popularity in recent years for its many benefits. It is a universal solution 365 days a year that allows for both heating and cooling. The heat pump has also become popular because it allows you to make considerable energy savings and thus reduce your electricity bill! Duraclim offers the installation of your heat pump across the province!

Learn more about the heat pump system>

Wall-mounted heat pump

The wall-mounted heat pump is the most widely installed heat pump, since it is compact and easy to install in an existing home. With various sizes of wall-mounted heat pumps available, they are powerful enough to cool and heat a bungalow-style home. For multi-story homes, it is also possible to install two wall-mounted units connected to a single compressor to ensure a constant temperature in your home.

Learn more about the wall-mounted heat pump>

Central Heat Pump

The central heat pump is the queen of heat pumps! In terms of efficiency, nothing beats the installation of a central heat pump. As the name implies, it is a central system, meaning that cold or hot air is propelled simultaneously through each room. Since its installation requires passing ventilation ducts through the walls, the choice to install a central heat pump is often made at the construction stage. However, for homes already equipped with a central furnace or central air exchanger, it is rather simple to add a central heat pump, since the ducts are already present.

Learn more about the central heat pump >

Air conditioning, Climatisation

With our summers getting hotter and hotter, it goes without saying that a good air conditioning system is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. That’s why we work with the biggest air conditioning brands on the market to offer you quality units that will keep your home cool without interruption.

Learn more about air conditioning systems >

Wall mounted air conditioning

The wall-mounted air conditioning system is an economical and quick choice. In the middle of a heat wave, no one has time to wait. We want cold air now! The wall-mounted air conditioner can be installed in 4 hours in all types of homes. It is also possible to install several air conditioning heads on different floors or rooms in your home. The wall-mounted air conditioner is mainly chosen for existing locations.

Learn more about the wall-mounted air conditioning system>

Central air conditioning

The central air conditioning system is without a doubt the most efficient system to air condition all the rooms of a house “instantly”. Although a central air conditioning system is efficient, it is more complex to install due to the fact that it requires the installation of ventilation ducts through the walls of your home. For this reason, it is often chosen when building a new home.

Learn more about the central air conditioning system>

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Mélanie S.
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Very satisfied! I liked the speed of their service. We installed 2 heat pumps with them for my cottage and home. My sister was also well served so I recommend them.
Richard P.
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Super friendly and professional. They did a great job installing a split air conditioning unit and also cleaned up after.
Line D.
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One of the few companies in this industry that actually provides good service. I recommend!👍🏼
Maxime L.
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The guys did a great job. They did the installation in less than a day, without leaving a trace. All the systems work perfectly. I have recommended them to several friends for their quality and good service.
Alain D.
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The service provided was excellent, from the initial estimate to the installation. I am very satisfied with their work and would definitely recommend them to anyone.
Sonia R.
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The installation was quick, the air conditioning works great, the email response was quick too. I will recommend their service to my friends and family.
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