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per wall unit

  • Complete cleaning of the indoor wall unit
  • Complete cleaning of the external compressor (muratic acid)
  • System verification
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Filtre d'un air climatisé mural avant le nettoyageFiltre après nettoyage et entretien
It's important

Why do an annual cleaning & maintenance of your wall unit?

It’s time for your annual cleaning! This maintenance is as important as an oil change on a car to ensure the machine is working properly for the long term.

Annual maintenance wall unit is very important, as it not only eliminates odors, bacteria and dust, but also prevents any breakage that could lead to system failure. 

Failure to perform annual maintenance can lead to fire hazards in the ventilation system, respiratory problems and system failure.

Filtre d'un air climatisé mural avant le nettoyageFiltre après nettoyage et entretien

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What does the maintenance and cleaning of your wall system involve?

Cleaning your filters is not enough to maintain the efficiency of your unit and extend its life.

Indoor wall unit & outdoor compressor

  • Fan cleaning
  • Drain cleaning
  • Filter cleaning
  • Evaporator cleaning
  • Drain check
  • Cleaning the condenser with muratic acid
Thermopompe mural et central

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Alex J.
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It's been 3 years now every year that DuraClim do my annual maintenance and cleaning, the service is always so excellent
Tony F.
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My system was not pushing as hard anymore. The duraclim team came to do my annual maintenance and as a matter of fact my air conditioner is now working like new.
Alex F.
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Benjamin did an excellent cleaning!!! he is kind, respectful and knows how to do his job well.
Marc T.
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The technician was super pleasant, he took his time to clean my entire system properly. I recommend them.
Julia D.
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This is the 2nd year that I have done my maintenance with druaclim and once again, the service is impeccable.
Melinda E.
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Excellent service! It was easy to book our appointment, our technician was able to come earlier than expected and completed the cleaning quickly. I am very satisfied.

Frequently asked questions

You should plan a time slot of approximately 1.5 hours for the cleaning and maintenance of your wall unit (wall heat pump cleaning/ air conditioner cleaning + outdoor compressor). 

It is recommended to service your wall heat pump/ wall air conditioner once a year to maintain optimum efficiency and prolong the life of the system.

The technician will contact you 24-28 hours prior to the date you booked. At that time, he will be able to confirm with you whether he will come to your home in the morning or in the afternoon.

In order to facilitate maintenance and to ensure that the technician can do his job properly, we suggest that you move any object that may obstruct access to the indoor wall unit and the outdoor compressor.

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