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What is the best multi-zone heat pump system for my home?

When purchasing a multi-zone heat pump system, it is important to understand that not all units are equal in terms of power and quality. It is important to choose a system that is adapted to climate.

Here are some important points to remember before buying a multi-zone heat pump.

The location and size of the space.

The size of your space is an important consideration when choosing an air conditioning system. It is important to ensure that the system can move enough air to maintain the desired temperature.

You should also consider the sun exposure of the space.


Insulation is also important. Insulated homes use less energy because they can better maintain their temperature.

Click HERE to learn more about our insulation services.


Energy efficiency – SEER

The cooling efficiency of your heat pump is measured by the SEER (Seasonal energy efficiency Ratio). The SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) of a heat pump is a measure of how efficiently it cools the air.


The seasonal heating efficiency ratio, or HSPF, measures the efficiency of the heat pump. The heat pump uses less energy to heat a space if the HSPF is higher.

In warm climates, a higher SEER is essential. In colder climates, a higher HSPF is important. To ensure summer and winter comfort, we recommend a multi-zone heat pump with a SEER of at least 15 and an HSPF of 8.5.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a multi-zone heat pump. We can help you choose the right system for your needs.

DuraClim offers free installation of multi-zone heat pump systems.

Our qualified installers can install your multi-zone heat pump system anywhere across the province.

If you purchase a multi-zone heat pump, you may be eligible for grants. Every year, regulations and subsidies change. Our team is always up to date to help you benefit from the best savings on your system. *These grants are offered by the government, and all citizens are eligible.

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Arielle O.
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Professional, good price and excellent service! They installed a new multi-zone heat pump with the furnace and I am very satisfied! Thanks to Maxime and his team!
Christina H.
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Today we had a visit from the installer for our multi-zone heat pump. Everything went so well. I highly recommend him.
Rocco G.
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The fastest service I have seen !!!! I called for a quote and 24-48 hours later I had already received my installation of my multizone heat pump. Thank you Duraclim!
Silvia G.
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PROS !!!!! I have rarely seen people work as well as this... They are respectful and took the time to guide me before installing my multizone heat pump.
Genevieve T.
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Unpleasant surprise to have to replace our multi-zone heat pump, a much easier project thanks to the Duraclim team and we are very happy that it was done.
Serge S.
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The service provided by the team is worth 5 stars. Duraclim installed my multi-zone heat pump and just did its annual maintenance . Fast, efficient, friendly and explained everything.

The multi-zone heat pump system

The multi-zone heat pump system is equipped with heads (diffusers) and a heat pump.

The diffusers are placed on the interior walls of the home, generally one per floor. Note that there are different sizes and powers of heat pumps depending on the power required for the space to be heated and cooled.

Multizone heating system orange - duraclim

The multi-zone heat pump system is generally chosen, since it requires much less work than the central system and can be installed in both existing homes and new constructions.

It allows energy savings as well as installation costs. For existing homes, it is the most popular solution, since it is not necessary to open all the walls of the house to pass the air ducts in each room. We install the diffusers and that’s it!

It is recommended to have at least 1 diffuser per floor to ensure a balanced temperature throughout the home.

*The installation of a multi-zone heat pump system generally takes 1-2 hours per head.


Main advantages:

  • Reduces electrical consumption for heating/cooling
  • Quicker and less expensive installation
  • Long life span
  • Controls humidity in the house
  • Quickly heats and cools room air
  • Quiet (19 to 40 decibels indoors and 46 to 58 decibels outdoors)

Oui. Comme tous les systèmes, si on veut assurer la longévité d’une machine il est important de bien l’entretenir. Le système de thermopompe multizone filtre l’air extérieur et intérieur de votre maison en continu afin de maintenir la température désirée. Par le fait même, la poussière et les bactéries s’accumulent et peuvent causer un mauvais fonctionnement du système.

Pour assurer une poussée d’air propre et éviter des bris de système, DuraClim recommande de faire au minimum 1 entretien par année. *Un système mal entretenu consomme en général jusqu’à 25% plus d’énergie pour produire les mêmes résultats.

Malheureusement, encore beaucoup de systèmes de thermopompe sont installés par des installateurs « clandestin », c’est-à-dire qui n’ont pas les qualifications et certifications nécessaires pour garantir les travaux.

Mais qu’est-ce que ça change, plusieurs clients demandent ? Le plus gros impact réside dans la garantie du système de thermopompe multizone. Si votre système rencontre un problème, qu’il soit mineur ou majeur, les premiers documents que vous devrez fournir au manufacturier seront une preuve d’installation par un entrepreneur calife. Sans cette preuve, le manufacturier ne sera pas en mesure d’honorer la garantie de l’appareil.

Mis appart la garantie, nous avons, à travers les années eu à remplacer plusieurs appareils qui avait été mal installé, causant ainsi une usure prématurée de l’appareil.

Que vous choisissiez DuraClim pour l’installation de votre thermopompe multizone ou une autre compagnie, assurez-vous toujours de choisir un entrepreneur qualifié avec les certifications requises.

Il est important de choisir adéquatement le nombre de BTU nécessaire pour chauffer/climatiser votre domicile. Un système trop fort est aussi inconfortable qu’un système trop faible, c’est pourquoi il est important de choisir la bonne puissance.

Tous les conseillers DuraClim sauront vous éclairer vers le choix adapter à vos besoins spécifiques ainsi que votre budget.

Voici une charte approximative du nombre de BTU recommandés en fonction de l’espace à couvrir.

  • 500 à 900 pieds² – 12 000 BTU
  • 900 à 1500 pieds² – 18 000 BTU
  • 1500 à 2000 pieds² – 24 000 BTU


*À noter qu’il est également courant d’installer deux plus petites unités dans une maison à plusieurs étages. Par exemple une unité de 12 000 BTU au rez-de-chaussée et une deuxième unité de 12 000 BTU à l’étage.

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