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How to choose the right central heat pump system for your home?

A few important points before choosing your central heat pump system for your home.

The climate

Heat pumps are efficient in most regions and countries, but they work best where temperature variations are small and heating and cooling needs are moderate. That’s why it’s important to choose a central heat pump system that is adapted to province climate. Depending on the quality of the heat pump, auxiliary heating may be required in case of extremely low temperatures (below 20-30 degrees C).

Energy efficiency – SEER

The SEER (Seasonal Energy efficiency Ratio) measures the cooling efficiency of your heat pump. The higher the SEER of a system, the less energy the heat pump uses to cool the air.

The Heating Seasonal Efficiency Factor (HSPF) measures the heating efficiency of heat pumps. The higher the HSPF, the less energy the heat pump uses to heat the space.

A higher SEER is important in hot climates. However, a higher HSPF is better for colder regions. We recommend choosing a central heat pump with a SEER of at least 15 and an HSPF of 8.5 to ensure comfort in summer and winter.

The number of BTUs

It is important to consider the size of your central heat pump. A heat pump that is too small or too large will not heat or cool effectively and can result in high electricity bills.

The number of BTUs required is calculated according to the area to be covered. Each home’s configuration is different, so the number of BTUs required will vary. Make an online request and one of our advisors will be able to guide you towards a choice adapted to your needs and your budget.


The insulation of your walls, foundation and roof is also a major factor. A poorly insulated house obviously consumes a much higher amount of electricity than the average home and requires a more powerful system to achieve the same results.

Discounts / Subsidy

You can benefit from government grants if you install a central heat pump. Every year, the grants and regulations change. At Duraclim, our team stays up to date to help you save the most on your system. *These grants are provided by the government and ALL citizens are eligible.

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After a very hot summer last year, we decided to install a central heat pump system. We were very impressed with the excellent service!
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I needed a new central heat pump, my old one wasn't working anymore. They gave me an appointment for the next day. They were on time, accurate and very professional.
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Five star service...I needed a central heat pump as soon as possible. Duraclim gave me impeccable service from start to finish. Thank you Duraclim!
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We needed to replace our wall-mounted heat pump system with a central unit. We greatly appreciated Duraclim's quick service.
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After having a new central system installed, the representative walked me through the entire financing and grant process.
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Excellent service! After 15 years we decided to change our heat pump and central furnace and we are very happy with the result.

The central heat pump system

The central heat pump system consists of a compressor located outside the home, but also a furnace and air ducts leading to each room in your home.

The central system is usually installed when a house is built, since the ducts must be run through the walls of the house. However, it is possible to install a central heat pump after construction.

Central heat pump system - duraclim

The central heat pump is often chosen by condo and home owners for its unparalleled efficiency, comfort and savings.

With the vent pipes hidden through the walls, a single vent will be briefly visible in every room of your home.

More importantly, the central heat pump system offers unparalleled efficiency! When it turns on, every room in the house is heated/cooled to the same temperature simultaneously.

*Many properties already equipped with a central system have only one furnace. By adding the heat pump to the exterior of the house, it easily reduces the energy costs of cooling the house in the summer and adding heating in the winter.

  • Safe air conditioning and heating – no risk of fire
  • Heating/AC sent to all rooms in the house through the duct system.
  • Reduces carbon emissions
  • Long life span
  • Controls humidity in the house
  • Increases the value of the house
  • Quiet 19 to 40 decibels indoors and 46 to 58 decibels outdoors.

The maintenance of your central heat pump system consists of a complete cleaning of your ventilation ducts as well as a maintenance of the refrigerating pressures and the components of the heat pump.

Maintenance of your central system is very important, as a poorly maintained system can consume up to 25% more electricity. It is recommended to change the filter of your unit, to clean the compressor filters and to have the maintenance done by a professional once a year in order to maximize the efficiency of the central heat pump and its life span.

Several manufacturers have started manufacturing central heat pumps in the last few years, which has resulted in the appearance of low quality systems. When everything is fine, everything is fine! However, when a component breaks, it is very difficult, sometimes even impossible to find a manufacturer for the part to be replaced. The customer ends up buying a complete new system.

That’s why at DuraClim, we only supply heat pumps from reputable manufacturers for which the parts remain accessible for the life of your unit.

Many homes are already equipped with a central heating system including a furnace. This means that the ventilation ducts required for a central heat pump system are already installed throughout the house.

In this rather common situation, installation is greatly simplified. Simply install the central heat pump unit outside the house and connect it to your existing ventilation ducts!

Not only will you benefit from an efficient air conditioning system, but the central heat pump will keep you warm all winter long.

On average, central heat pumps can operate down to -25 degrees Celsius. When the temperature exceeds this limit, the furnace takes over.

95% of the winter days will be heated with your central system for an energy consumption of only 5 kW/h compared to 15 kW/h.

The result: significant savings on your electricity bill!

Central heat pump system - duraclim

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